Meet Your GSOTA News Team!

Gabrielle R - News Director / Anchor

Sophia J. - Reporter

Nariyah L. - Copy Editor

Aidan M. - Graphic Designer / Editor

Moises M. – Audio Technician

Keegan M. - Graphic Designer

Kayla N. - Graphic Designer

Mollie O. - Anchor

Gunner A. - Editor

Joshua P. - Editor

Estefanny R. - Graphic Designer

Henrique S. - Weather Reporter

Performance Arts / Shadow Theater

Actors: Kaseun Cottom / Natalie Small

Extras: Bailey Kastoriano / Marc Belizaire / Amberlynn Bartolon Garcia

Student Artwork / Tech Arts

Selah G. - 8th Grade

Renejah D. - 7th Grade

Enzo G. - 8th Grade

Estafanny R. - 8th Grade

Mitchell J. - 6th Grade

Tatum H. - 7th Grade

Selah G. - 8th Grade

Jacob M. - 7th Grade

- 7th Grade

Veniamin Z. - 7th Grade

Cayla C. - 8th Grade

Tatum - 7th Grade

Joshua B- 7th Grade

Shaniyah - 7th Grade

Venjamin - 7th Grade

Nariyah L. - 8th Grade

Sofia J. - 8th Grade

Colin M. - 7th Grade

Alyssa R. - 8th Grade

Veniamin Z. - 7th Grade

Javier J. - 6th Grade

Gabby E. - 8th Grade

Joshua P. - 8th Grade

GRaphic Design / AI (logo Design)

Henoc - 6th grade

Phoenix - 6th Grade

Izzy - 6th Grade

Mitchell - 6th Grade

Jhonny - 6th Grade

Zoe - 6th Grade

Torn - 6th Grade

Abby - 6th Grade

Digital Storytelling

The Chase

Purified Water

No Clip

Code Black

Albuquerque New Mexico

Alpha Males

Dog Takeover

Canada Vs 

Above: Students working in groups to produce their own unique digital story, focusing on essential camera angles and storytelling.

Website Development

Thanksgiving Animations