At GSOTA our instructional philosophy is to facilitate deeper learning for our students by introducing project based learning, encouraging class discussion & analysis, and setting creative educational goals for our students. 

With the help of our creative technology arts program and our culture of kindness and cooperation we hope to inspire a generation of hungry learners who are mindful of one another. Our mission at GSOTA is to nurture big thinkers and problem solvers who are positive members of the community and can apply learning to real world situations. 

GSOTA students pursue qualities of being Respectful, Responsible, Innovative and Safe.

When students walk onto the campus of Gardens School of Technology Arts, they enter a world of unique opportunities, creative processes and out-of-the-box learning. Offering an innovative academic environment coupled with the stability of a sound core curriculum program, Gardens SOTA operates with a mission to provide innovative tools in a cooperative learning setting that fosters creativity and problem solving throughout the school day.

Founded in 2011, Gardens SOTA has maintained a strong family base and has added classes each year for four years as part of the growth and development plan. We enjoy a small school community with a positive atmosphere, dedicated teachers and accessible administration. We are constantly seeking out new technology tools and applications to integrate into the classroom, giving our students a variety of learning opportunities integrated with their core curriculum studies.

Gardens School of Technology Arts emphasizes the 5 C's of 21st Century Education:​

We believe that building a knowledge base of core academics is vital; but students must also be able to manipulate information and apply what they have learned to real-world problem solving in order to develop skills for 21st Century success.

Gardens SOTA does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, national or ethnic origin or disability in its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarship programs or other school-administered programs or corporate business practices.